For Immediate Release:
November 9, 2017

Appalachian Mountain Speedweek regrettably ceases operation after nearly a decade of existence.
After nine years of incredible, success the Appalachian Mountain Speedweek will cease operations for the 2018 season and the foreseeable future.
“Sometimes life gets in the way of being able to take part in your hobbies” stated, series co-promoter Kurt Smith. “Both Jason and I have taken on a lot of additional responsibilities in our respective careers and families making promoting the series as we have become accustom to not a viable option in 2018. No one is harder on our series than we are, and every year we try to raise the bar higher to be able to provide quality Late Model racing in our area that benefits the fans, drivers and speedways as much as possible. The additional workload we have taken on in our away from racing life would cut into the series preparation a lot more than anyone can imagine. The week of racing is the easy part, it’s the months and months of preparation that would suffer tremendously.” stated Smith.
“This isn’t something we necessarily want to do, especially coming off a great year heading into what would’ve been a 10th year anniversary” added series co-promoter Jason Clapper. “there is just only so much time in a day and we realized with the way our lives are now, there just isn’t enough time in our schedules to move forward with the series at this time. I know racing is something that is important to Kurt and I and we would never rule out future involvement if the timing is right. I know Kurt has a few things in the works to help keep Late Models a strong presence in our area. We’ve made a lot of great friends and have had an incredible run with just a great staff and sponsors” stated Jason.
“We were for the most part fully sponsored again for 2018 and are really humbled by the support we have had over the years and can’t thank everyone enough. We’d both be negligent if we didn’t especially thank Ernie Davis, Bobby Wirts and Michael & Amber Rigsby. They were not just sponsors, they went way above and beyond to lend us encouragement and guidance. All the drivers and teams became like family to us, and we thank you all. Josh (Richards), Rick (Eckert), Austin (Hubbard), Tim (McCreadie), Kenny (Pettyjohn) and Jeff (Rine), you all are true champions and we thank you for representing us proudly” added Smith
With our gratitude,
Kurt Smith & Jason Clapper.
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