For Immediate Release:
March 12, 2015

7th Annual Appalachian Mountain Speedweek Welcomes Loco-Motives as 2015 Series Title Sponsor; Implements a Cost Saving Tire Rule.

The Appalachian Mountain Speedweek, in conjunction with James Stasiowski, is proud to announce that Loco-Motives, LLC. has signed on as the title sponsor of the popular Mid-Atlantic Super Late Model racing series for 2015.

Loco-Motives, LLC is a family owned company started, very simply as a children’s amusement operation within a Washington D.C. shopping mall. Over the past decade the company has grown to the point of having its trackless train systems in shopping malls & centers from Coast to Coast, with trains presently being operated in 24 shopping establishments. Providing its clients with a full service operation including equipment, fully trained operators, insurance, marketing partnerships and most importantly fun has been the main reason behind Loco-Motive’s success. A success, which has come without sacrificing any of the company’s core values, which among others, is offering a magical & memorable experience to train riders young and old, while providing the highest standards of customer services to their riders and shopping center partners alike. For more information on Loco-Motives, please check out their web site at